Born in Madrid, Pedro Andrea is a multidisciplinary artist that divides his creativity among music, poetry, or painting.

As a guitar player he is credited with an enormous originality and skill to compose songs (see Carlos Santana‘s and Scott Henderson‘s remarks on the subject in the ‘Mentions’ section). He is a winner of the prestigious first world award of the Guitar Player magazine (California, USA 1996 ) and author of four instrumental CD’s (‘Transparente‘, ‘Tierra‘, ‘Heart-Art‘ and ‘Lo Mejor de Pedro Andrea‘), besides another one sung by himself and together with some of the more relevant Latin singers as Miguel Bosé, David Summers, Antonio Vega or Teo Carralda (see video-clips on the section ‘VIDEO‘ with Manolo Garcia, Miguel Bosé, Dani Martin –from ‘El Canto del Loco‘- Paco León, Ana Torroja, Antonio Vega and David Summers).

Pedro Andrea is also the author of the music and lyrics of many songs made famous, on live and CD’s, by so world praised singers as Luz Casal, Miguel Bosé, Malú, Sergio Dalma, David Summers, or Pastora Soler.

He has produced two didactical videos: ‘La Guitarra de Pedro Andrea‘ and ‘El Estilo de Pedro Andrea‘. As a guitar player he has been present in tours and recordings of many of the most famous Latin artists as Miguel Bosé, Carlos Santana, Manolo García, Rosana, Luz Casal, Malú, Sergio Dalma, Hombres G, Ana Torroja, Ella Baila Sola, Victor Manuel, Aute, Rosario, Lolita, Antonio Carmona, Cómplices, David Bisbal, Antonio Vega o Pastora Soler.

The guitar ‘Pedro Andrea‘ and the ‘Pedro Andrea Signature Amplifier‘- both built according to Pedro’s specifications- were released in 2004.

In July 2017 the «Pedro Andrea Signature» amplifier that the brand THERMION has designed for him comes to market. With a PVP of approximately € 2800.

He has been endorser for the most renowned brands of musical instruments such as Ibañez, Laney, Fernández, Crate, Godin, Digitech, Taurus, Manuel Rodríguez and many others.